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ALP and TAC releases Statement on NHI

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National Health Insurance is necessary for equitable healthcare

Joint statement by the AIDS Law Project and the Treatment Action Campaign

It is unfortunate that the Democratic Alliance (DA) has chosen to use the human resource crisis in the public health sector to attack National Health Insurance (NHI). In a press release issued on 24 May 2009, the DA suggests that government should abandon its plans for NHI and focus instead on making “the system that we have work more efficiently in order to liberate the funds needed to pay our health professionals better.”

In contrast to the DA’s position, the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) and AIDS Law Project (ALP) recognise that the resolution of the crisis in public health care is one of a number of key steps integral to laying the groundwork for the introduction of NHI. In our view, NHI – in essence a funding mechanism that seeks to ensure the equitable distribution of human and financial resources – must be built on the foundation of a strong public health system.

The aim of an NHI system is to ensure that everyone has access to appropriate quality health care services, regardless of ability to pay. This constitutional requirement is not and cannot be up for debate. Instead, what must be considered is how best to realise the constitutional vision. This calls for government – led by the Department of Health – to initiate and guide a consultation process on policy that leads to and informs legislative reform.

The TAC and ALP look forward to constructive engagement on NHI with government and other stakeholders. In so doing, we recognise that the public and private health sectors in South Africa are intertwined. Implicit in the DA’s press statement, however, is that the private sector should be left alone. We strongly disagree. Universal access to health care – a defining feature of NHI – cannot be achieved without appropriate regulation of the private sector.

For comment please contact:

Nonkosi Khumalo at 074 194 5911 (Chairperson - Treatment Action Campaign)
Vuyiseka Dubula at 082 763 3005 (Secretary General - Treatment Action Campaign)


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The aim of an NHI system is

The aim of an NHI system is to ensure that everyone has access to appropriate quality health care services, regardless of ability to pay. regards, Registry cleaner


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On 1 June 2009 the

On 1 June 2009 the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development (DoJCD) published the draft Constitution Eighteenth Amendment Bill (CAB) and the draft State Liability Bill for public comment. We regret that both threaten the foundations of Constitutional supremacy and the Bill of Rights. If passed in their current form the Bills will not only amend the Constitution but also shield legislation from judicial review.

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In his closing comments Zuma spoke of the need “to act prudently – no wastage” in the current economic downturn. Zuma must ensure that resources and budgets are allocated in a way that guarantees life and dignity, in keeping with the requirements of the Public Finance Management Act.
African National Congress (ANC) leader Jacob Zuma is the favourite to become president but he is beset by charges of corruption, which he denies.
A group of disillusioned ANC members left and formed a rival party in 2008.

We believe that April 22 will be an appropriate date," President Motlanthe told parliament, adding that the date had already been agreed with the electoral commission, reports the AFP news agency.

The elections were due before July.

However the Pretoria High Court has ruled that South Africans living abroad should be able to vote - a ruling which, if implemented, could lead to a delay in the elections.

Mr Zuma's corruption trial has been set for August. He has said he would only step down if convicted.

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