Equal Treatment

Equal Treatment, or just ET, is TAC's high-quality magazine dedicated to covering health and HIV matters. It is produced five times a year and currently translated into isiXhosa, isiZulu and Setsonga. To receive a hard copy of ET, Click Here and we can send you a copy at no charge. We do request though that if you are from a medical institution, professional organization or from overseas, that you please make a donation to the TAC in exchange for recieving the magazine. Donations can be made here. If you are interested in ordering large quantities of the magazine for your workplace or union etc, Click Here. We encourage reproduction and distribution of ET, as well as modification of articles for educational purposes. However, some articles or images are copyrighted by other people or institutions. We indicate clearly which these are for each issue. Please acknowledge sources and please do not copy or modify non-TAC copyrighted material without getting appropriate permission.

Title Cover Issue Number Publication Date Notes Location
Treatment Plan 16 2005-07 Equal Treatment July 2005 (issue 16) may be reproduced without permission (sources must be appropriately acknowledged) except for the following portions: - Front cover photo, which is copyrighted by Nadine Hutton - Toles cartoon, which is copyrighted by the Washington Post - Photo of Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, which was used without permission from here et16.pdf
Traditional Healers 15 2005-05 Equal Treatment May 2005 (issue 15) may be reproduced without permission (sources must be appropriately acknowledged). et15.pdf