Wednesday, 5 August 2009 - 13:54

 The National Health Council will meet on 6 August to discuss some critical changes to national HIV policy, including recommendations relating to the initiation of antiretroviral therapy. These changes have been proposed by SANAC, and are also reflective of the primary objectives of TAC's Resources for Health campaign.


For months now, TAC and the ALP have warned of the dire shortage of funds for the national antiretroviral treatment programme. Health Minister Motsoaledi has promised that sufficient resources will be mobilised to ensure against a repeat of the Free State...

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Friday, 24 July 2009 - 15:54


Approximately 2000 TAC members and TAC allies marched to the International Convention Centre, Cape Town on 19 July 2009. A river of people dressed in red “HIV Positive” t-shirts took to the streets of the city, demanding that government meet its targets for HIV treatment and prevention, as laid out in the National Strategic Plan. The Health Minister, Aaron Motsaoledi, met the crowd, asked for his own t shirt and signed the campaign memorandum. Nonkosi Khumalo, TAC Chairperson, welcomed his support but warned that if TAC was not listened to, its members would be back to protest....

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Tuesday, 14 July 2009 - 08:24

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Monday, 13 July 2009 - 07:59

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Tuesday, 7 July 2009 - 20:52

 On the 17 July 2009 we are going to march to the District Department of Health Offices. We intend to start our march from the open space opposite Giyani Magistrate Court thenwe will use the main road to the Mopani District Department of Health where we are going to hand over the memorandum of demands.

 TAC Mopani has been engaging on the door-to-door campaign as part of mobilising for the Resources for Health March that will be held on the 17 July 2009 in Giyani. On the 2nd , 3rd and 4th of July 2009 we managed to reach Bridge-Way which is an area under Ramalema Branch,...

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