Working for access to quality public healthcare in South Africa since 1998

Monitoring the AIDS & TB response

TAC continues to monitor the implementation of South Africa’s National Strategic Plan (NSP) for HIV, TB and STIs. The NSP is the country’s “master plan” to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS, TB, and sexually transmitted infections. It sets a number of key targets and provides guidance as to how government, business, labour and civil society can all work together to reach these targets. The 2012 – 2016 NSP has now been replaced by a new NSP for the period 2017 – 2021. Unfortunately the new plan falls short in a number of respects and therefore TAC has not endorsed it. While we recognise that at a superficial level it says some of the right things, it lacks concrete and realistic plans as to its implementation. It is simply not a plan developed with the realities of our public healthcare system in mind. Working with various civil society partners TAC is plotting a way forward given these concerns.