Working for access to quality public healthcare in South Africa since 1998
TAC’s 6th National Congress will be held from 23rd – 25th August 2017. The first phase of TAC’s struggle ensured that people living with HIV could access antiretroviral treatment. We brought an end to the dark days of AIDS denialism. But today, while huge progress has been made, the AIDS response is being undermined by dysfunctional healthcare systems and shortages of healthcare workers. We cannot sustain more than 7 million people on HIV treatment without significant investment into stronger healthcare systems.
We cannot respond to drug resistant TB without a large skilled workforce of healthcare professionals and serious investment in community healthcare workers. We cannot adhere to our treatment, while stockouts and medicines shortages ravage our clinics. Now it is time for us to fix the broken public healthcare system.
Today TAC represents users of the public healthcare system in South Africa and campaigns on critical issues related to the quality of and access to healthcare. We currently have nearly 6,000 members and a network of nearly 200 branches across seven provinces.
TAC’s National Congress is our highest decision-making body. During the Congress, voting delegates from TAC branches will elect TAC’s next national leadership and make resolutions on TAC’s strategic focus moving forward. Important policy discussions will take place on the crisis in the public healthcare system, the need for more healthcare workers, National Health Insurance, the state of the HIV/TB response, medicine stockouts and shortages, the impact of patents on medicine access, violence against women and the LGBTQIA+ community, corruption and much more.